Juggernaut Digital
22 Jun 2023

4C UR Future LIVE is a fast-paced and action-packed day of interactive activities and challenges that give Year 9 Students an insight into the future world of work.

The immersive experience is divided into Game Zones, with each game specifically created and facilitated in collaboration with local employers.

The mental, physical, and practical work-based games and skills challenges are aligned with future of work employability criteria, and identify each young person’s natural attributes, talents, and strengths.

After the event, each young person will receive a ‘Positive Feedback Profile’ that can be used, along with the content on the CAREERS PORTAL to help them make informed decisions that can affect their future, such as their GCSE subject choices, education pathway, and future career interests.

Juggernaut Digital developed not only the website for 4c UR Future but the interactive app which powers the events and is used by all of the Year 9 students throughout Northern Ireland as they attend our events.

This project was started in August 2021 and went live in June 2022 where it powered career events throughout Northern Ireland under the watchful eye of the founder and Chairwoman of the NI Board of Investment, Rosemary Stalker.

Juggernaut Digital