Juggernaut Digital

We are Media City NI, a proudly Belfast based digital marketing company founded in (year). Bringing you the combined need for website development and digital marketing under one roof. With our services including digital marketing, design, animation, web design, print and social media management to name a few.

Media City NI is proud to have its roots based in the beautiful city of Belfast, working with many close customers around the area. But our customer base spreads far and wide across the globe to places like New Jersey and Poland to name a few.

While our working team is smaller than some of those larger companies, our client base is still just as large. But our smaller team means you work closely with each and every one of us. Meaning Media City NI can offer you full transparency when you work with us. No hidden costs, no hidden conversations, you will work with us and our team every step of the way.

Here at Media City NI, we pride ourselves on working closely with our ethos. Focusing highly upon integrity, transparency, inclusivity, and charity work. Integrity, speaking to you with honesty and consistency, if something is impossible to achieve you will know and we will work closely together to find a way around this. Transparency, speaking to you every step of the way, with no hidden costs, no hidden information, everything will be shared with you in plain black and white. Inclusivity, again our communication with you, you will be included in every project every step of the way. Charity work, simply helping charities as much as we can, through fundraising events and free or lower-cost projects.

If you wish to work with our close-knit team here at Media City NI, we would love to hear from you.

Juggernaut Digital